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Kerri Kasem

Kerri Kasem

Whether she is riding her motorcycle or at her local karaoke bar Kerri Kasem is always on the move. As a personality, producer and writer, she's made her mark all across radio and television.

Besides anchoring her own show, The Kerri Kasem Podcast, Kerri showcased her love of motorcycles as co-host of Racing Rocks with Riki Rachtman, for almost 7 years. She also helps dish out real estate advice as co-host for The Solomon Free Money Hour in Los Angeles. You've seen her on SiTV's The Rub, Spike TV's Ultimate Knockouts, Hannity and Colmes, American's Funniest Home Videos and E! Network's Coming Attractions. Now she's bringing her wealth of knowledge and incredible personality to "Sixx Sense" with Nikki Sixx. The two aren't going to create a spark, they're going to create an explosion.

What does Kerri Kasem do after Sixx Sense? Find out…tune into The Kerri Kasem Podcast with 3x Award winning author, and fitness celebrity host Ashley Marriott.

This attractive dynamic duo serves as a triple shot of espresso for your brain and will have you wired from the moment you hit download and play! Their thought-provoking topics range from relationships to celebrity guests to conspiracy theories!

Recent guests include: Jack Osbourne, Chuck Liddell; Eric Stonestreet from the hit show “Modern Family”, Tiger Woods’ golf coach, Hank Haney; Taylor Dane and George Noory host of “Coast to Coast AM”.

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